5 May

Retail has been forever changed with social media. Being able to shop online instead of going out to a store has created convenience for consumers as well as helped companies engage with their clientele. For instance, some stores offer surveys in exchange for a coupon helping them gather information on their customer’s experience (great way to get people to buy things!). In addition, within social media companies are communicating directly with their customers gathering feedback to help with sales. All of this combined with the variety of sites retail stores are using makes it extremely easy to get deals and shop without leaving the house. What’s even better, you can do most of this just by using your phone!

Mobile Apps


Almost all retailers now have a mobile app which you can download onto any smartphone. This was a great move because not only can stores provide an in-store experience they can also help the purchasing process and create a dynamic interaction with their customers. Most apps provide store locators, coupons, and an accessible way to shop if you’re on the go. Some retailers even offer a scanner built into their mobile app to help with prices (Who needs a salesperson now). Stores with a mobile app that offer this include: Toys R Us, Express, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Some stores have even gone above and beyond and put together a catalog to view the latest trends right from your phone. Gap has a StyleMixer where you can build your own looks and make shopping lists that you can save and view later when you want to purchase the items.


tweet 2 Retailers use Twitter to get the latest and best deals out to their consumers quickly. Tweeting coupons and deals gets people out to the store or online looking at their promotions. Express is one retailer which uses Twitter on a regular basis getting the word out such as their “Deal of the Day”. You can also receive coupons for tweeting about the store and showing it to the cashiers. In addition, if you’re on Twitter you can follow all your favorite stores and keep up on all the latest deals and trends!



Pinterest is a newer social media site however a variety of retailers are using it to post pictures of their latest fashions and how to wear and or use them. Retailers are taking advantage of building boards in which people are “repining” bringing more attention to the store. This creates a visual for people to view shoppable products and cool images. Sephora is one store which is taking full advantage of what the site has to offer. They had noticed a trend of people “pinning” their products and bringing them in-store or then buying them online by finding them on Pinterest. They soon created a board and now with over 140,000 followers and 2,500 pins they now interact and understand what their customers want. To read more, here is their case study:\

Tell me how you shop!



  1. Kelly Haskell May 7, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    It used to be that I was only tempted to shop at the mall or when the sunday flyers came out, but now it’s a constant battle! Between the emails and text messages on our phones, to pinterest and applications, there is no escaping a good deal! I’m constantly reminded that there is something I need to buy. Facebook even has their targeted advertising, so if I begin to browse for something online, they’ll constantly remind me of that each time I log on. These are very smart ways of advertising for marketers, but bad news for my bank account!

  2. jthompsonjt May 8, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Very interesting blog on social media and retail stores. I too have used social media tools to engage online stores when purchasing products. It is a very useful tool to have when you have questions about a specific purchase and or item. Also it is very convenient to have at your finger tips your very own salesperson. Pinterest is gaining a lot of support from users and I think as more people become familiar with the site, similar to others, retailers will move to placing their items there to attract customers to their respective websites.

  3. Jordan May 8, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    This was very enlightening! I am such a product person, so I really enjoyed learning about all of the ways retail companies are using these social media platforms. I didn’t know stores did promos to show tweets at the register for discounts! I love a good discount.
    Free People of Cambridge does a really diligent job at updating their Instagram account — they take pictures of associates (I believe) trying on combinations of clothing and accessories and hashtag them accordingly. I actually found them because they also find some celebs wearing their brand (e.g. Alexis Bledel) and they re-post them to their instagram using the celeb’s name as a hashtag — a powerful combination!
    Great post!

  4. heatherribelin May 12, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    I am definitely an online shopper and I find the various apps a very useful tool in conducting my online “shopping trips.” By having an app on my iPhone, I can browse a bit during my down times at work, placing things in my cart during the day, and then finalizing my transaction later that night. When I am forced to shop the traditional way, via brick-and-mortar store, I am usually in a hurry and either (1) end up buying things I am not happy with, because I was rushed, or (2) end up not buying anything at all, because I was rushed. The phone apps give me the time to make a sound decision, especially if the products come with customer reviews, such as on Amazon.

    I haven’t used Twitter much for finding deals, but Pinterest is definitely a great way to find out about different products. I have actually come across a ton of products and companies I never knew existed via Pinterest. I think retail and Pinterest go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to fashion trends. The visual aspect of Pinterest makes it a perfect platform to showcase products.

    Great post!

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