11 May


SCAN Shopping used to be an experience. You’d meet your friends at the mall, go in and out of stores trying on clothes and then maybe grab some lunch. However now with all this new technology you can buy almost everything right from your phone with mobile apps. I did just this the other day as I was looking for a dress. I had downloaded the ModCloth app to my phone (taking all of a minute), saw a dress I liked and then within a couple more minutes I had purchased it and received an email confirming my purchase. I mean, how easy was that! Retail stores on top of their websites have now added mobile apps making their customers shopping even easier and more convenient! These stores mobile apps consist of a number of things ranging from store locators, coupons, and a place to save your favorite pieces to view later. On top of all this you can also shop right from your mobile device with a few clicks. Almost all your favorite retail stores have their own app which you can download to your smart phone for free and begin shopping within minutes! In general there are even more apps that are used for a number of retail stores that can get you deals! Check out these apps:

– ShopSavvy: This app allows you to scan barcodes with your phone and compare prices across over 20,000 retail stores

– Shop Nearby: Shop every store with every product on the web from your IPhone. You can find what stores near you carry the products you’re looking for and compare prices.

– Coupon Sherpa: This app will help you find coupons while you’re on the go! You can bring up the barcode at the register and most stores will scan it and give you the discount!

In addition to fun and helpful apps that can compare prices and find you deals, retail stores now have mobile gift cards to make buying and giving gifts even easier!


Target for instance has mobile gift cards in which you choose the picture you want for the gift card and then sign into or up for an account with the store. These accounts help because it will keep track of the gift card and keep your receipts on file. You would then enter the recipients details, write a message for the person you’re sending it to, and then click “place order” in which you have the option to email it or text it right to the persons phone! These gift cards can be used right away online or in store!

There is not just one app that has changed how retailers use them but there are now a variety of ways to use apps to your advantage while shopping. Finding deals and items that you want has never been easier. Apps have made shoppers smarter and more savvy making retail stores step up keeping their own apps up on the latest trends and their customers intrigued. I personally can’t imagine not being able to shop off my phone now!

Do you shop with mobile apps?


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