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26 May

Right now Social Media is HUGE!! As technology continues to grow and more social media sites emerge, businesses need to have a presence to keep up with what their consumers want. Retail stores are no different as more and more customers are looking to shop online. So how do retail stores keep up with this trend and their customers happy? Here are some of the best practices for retail stores for blogging and or tweeting:

Keeping up:
If you go to a blog and you see the same post from 2 weeks ago you’re going to start looking somewhere else. Customers want something new. Keeping up with your blog and posting new and interesting information is what’s going to keep your customers coming back. It’s just like in a retail store, every couple of weeks the store changes their setup so when you come in it looks like a whole new store. Small changes from moving the clothes that were in the back of the store to the front and changing the mannequin clothes makes the store look like they got all new products in. Blogs should be updated constantly to keep customers coming back for more.
For Twitter, retail stores should be “tweeting” multiple times a day. For example, companies should be giving feedback to customers, sales information, and fashion advice. @Expresslife for instance the retail store Express sends out “tweets” on sales information daily and what’s hot right now.

For both blogging and Twitter retail stores need to be focusing on interacting with customers and not just sales. Social media has the power to get information about your organization out quickly. Interacting with your consumers also builds trust and an experience for them which they then post about. This information customers post about creates word of mouth out to other potential customers about the organization. There are a number of ways retail stores can interact with their customers such as: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs. “The two most important things businesses need to know when engaging customers through social media are what their audience’s value and what they’re looking for from the companies with which they interact. According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, getting tangible value in the form of coupons and discounts was the top reason respondents interact with companies via social sites” (Peck, 2011). For example, having customers give feedback about their experience in which they’ll receive coupons for their responses is one way a number of companies interact with their customers.

Knowing your Audience:
Understanding who your store’s clientele is allows for you to know how to address them. Social media is about people so you need to know who is following your company and who you’re addressing. Are your customers younger, older, do they have kids? This is all information you need to know before implementing a strategy to go forward in social media. Are your posts going to be funny, serious, how are you going to engage and interact with your customers? Without people social media would be nowhere so knowing your stakeholders, inspiring and engaging with them.

Sticking to these best practices allows for retail stores to take advantage of getting their products and brand out there! Social media lets stores share new products, promote deals and give recommendations on their top products. Keeping up with social media by being consistent, engaging customers, and knowing your audience will help retail stores benefit and grow!

Peck, J. (2011). “Engage Customers with Social Media”: CRM Magazine. Retrieved from


2 Responses to “Best Practices”

  1. khask17 May 31, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    Interaction needs to be a huge component of any social media plan. Consumers look to a businesses social media site not only for information, but for response. If a consumer takes the time to write a comment about a product or service, it’s essential that as a business you take the time to respond. The response helps the consumer to feel valued and hopefully will then spread the message of your brand.

  2. Marie June 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    Yes, I love it when retail companies interact with the public. I know a family member of mine once vented about a particular product and not only did the company respond immediately to her negative post they refunded her money and sent her a new item free of charge. PRICELESS!

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